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We offer a wide range of events for bachelorette parties (JGA), birthdays, girls' nights and performances. Here's how we can design these offers:

Bachelorette party (JGA)

At Fanlin Studio we can organize tailor-made pole dance or aerial dance courses for bachelorette parties. This could be a fun way to celebrate the bride's special day. We also offer additional amenities such as refreshments and photo opportunities.

Girls night

At Fanlin Studio we organize girls' nights where girlfriends get together to enjoy a relaxed, fun atmosphere and try out pole dance or aerial dance. This can be combined with music, refreshments and socializing.


For birthday parties we can offer pole dance or aerial dance workshops or courses. Guests can learn the basics of these dance styles and showcase their new skills in a friendly and fun environment.


If you are looking to perform, we can stage professional pole dance or aerial dance performances. This could be for special events or functions such as corporate parties, galas or private shows.

We take into account the needs of our customers and offer tailor-made events that meet their wishes.

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