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Aerial umbrella

About Us

Fanlin Studio - Pole & Aerial Dance in Munich presents itself as a brand new studio that offers a diverse selection of courses. Our classes include pole dance, with Pole Fitness focusing on strength building and acrobatics, while Exotic Pole adds a sensual and sexy twist to the workout. We also offer aerial acrobatics courses, which give you the unique opportunity to float in the air and perform artistic movements. These courses include Aerial Hoop, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Cube and Aerial Umbrella. We also offer stretching classes for those who want to increase their flexibility. Our dedicated team of instructors helps participants of all fitness levels and experience push their physical and creative limits. We not only create an inspiring training environment, but also a warm community of like-minded people who dance, train and fly together. Visit us and discover the fascination of pole and aerial acrobatics in the Fanlin Studio.

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