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Our trainers

The dedicated team at Fanlin Studio - Pole & Aerial Dance in Munich
Fanlin Zhou

I have been working as a trainer in the field of pole & Aerial dance and have performed numerous performances at various events. I discovered pole dance myself in 2013 and have continued to deepen my skills and dedication ever since.

During this time I have successfully participated in pole championships in China and Germany, which underlines my expertise and talent in this area. For me, pole and aerial sports are the perfect balance to my IT job. These activities not only provide a physical challenge, but also allow me to relieve stress and be creative.

In addition to my own passion for these sports, I have acquired various certificates to strengthen my qualifications. This includes my training as a certified pole fitness trainer at Xpert Pole & Aerial Fitness as well as my fitness trainer B license and my yoga teacher license, which I received after state-approved training.

Overall, I am a well-rounded person with a strong commitment to pole & Aerial dance. As an experienced trainer, I look forward to sharing my knowledge, passion and stage experience with others and introducing them to the world of these fascinating sports.

The dedicated team at Fanlin Studio - Pole & Aerial Dance in Munich
Carol Wang

I have been learning pole dance since 2014 and have developed a great love for this sport since then. I really enjoy pole dance and it helps me strengthen my body while increasing my flexibility.

My certificates include:

  • Training to become a certified pole fitness instructor advanced (Pole Sports Education) with Daniela Baumann.

  • Qualified as a yoga teacher with a 200-hour yoga training with Suan Sati (200-Hour Yoga TTC).

I also took part in the following workshops, which were led by well-known experts in the areas of pole dance, pole flow, floorwork, handstand, intensive stretching, exotic pole dance, AcroYoga, and Astanga yoga:

  • Marlo Fisken (Pole Dance, Pole Flow)

  • Maddie Sparkle (floorwork, pole dance)

  • Michelle Shimmy (pole dance, handstand)

  • Marion Crampe (Intensive Stretching)

  • Anastasia Sokolova (pole dance)

  • Alex Shchukin (pole dance, acro yoga)

  • Doris Arnold (pole dance, exotic pole dance)

  • Anastasia Skukhtorova (pole dance, intensive stretching)

  • Michelle Natoli (pole dance, intensive stretching)

  • Kira Noire (pole dance)

  • Evgeny Greshilov (pole dance)

  • Julia Wahl (pole dance)

  • Hanka Vensellar (Pole Dance)

  • Hannah Rose Kaynes (Pole Dance)

  • Cinema MacGregor (Astanga Yoga)

The dedicated team at Fanlin Studio - Pole & Aerial Dance in Munich
Ewa Leitl

Sport and an active lifestyle have always accompanied me. Looking for a way to express myself, I tried pole dance. I knew from the start that it was an open-ended and unconditional friendship.

I have been training pole dance since 2018, every class is different for me and leads to overcoming the limits of my abilities. It drives me to keep working on myself.

In Poland I completed my training as a “Pole Dance Instructor” in 2019 and 2020. 
During the pandemic my “pole dance life” changed. I took advantage of many online offers because all studios had to close or face-to-face teaching was only possible to a limited extent. The topic fascinated me so much that I wanted to teach online myself - from my living room. Since then I have been sharing my passion for teaching pole dance with others. It makes me very happy to see the progress of my students. 


  • 2019 Pole Dance Instructor - Beginners Level, Iron Pole Dance

  • 2020 Pole Dance Instructor - Intermediate Level, Iron Pole Dance

  • 2022 Stretching Instructor - Professional, V-Gym Education

  • 2022 workshop with Kasia Bielecka

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